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Was Casualty crossover cut from Doctor Who ‘The Lie of the Land’?

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Sounds weird doesn’t it? Well, bear with us, because it’s just possible that a Casualty crossover was cut from Doctor Who ‘The Lie of the Land’

Avid Doctor Who news-watchers may well remember this tweet from Casualty’s Amanda Mealing from September last year.

That’s Peter Capaldi, no doubt – in full Doctor Who costume, no doubt – on what appears to be a hospital-like set, with Mealing and another star of BBC’s Casualty, Jaye Griffiths (Elle) . That’s not so weird, you may think – maybe it was a publicity thing, or a chance meeting while shooting in on different sets in the same studio facility. There could be a lot of explanations.

Then, however, there’s this… from this month’s Doctor Who Magazine.

Doctor Who Casualty Crossover

You’ll notice, perhaps, that in the cast there are the names of Mealing and Tony Marshall, next to the names of their characters from Casualty (Connie and Noel).

When asked about whether this listing was a mistake, the @DWMtweets account had this to say…

So, apparently there was a crossover scene between two of BBC’s long-running shows planned for ‘Lie of the Land’.

However, we can personally back up the Doctor Who Magazine line, and tell people that it was not – as far as we saw – in the version of the show we’ve seen for our spoiler-free review.

We’re not giving too much away there, we don’t think.

Those preview versions we get to see do always point out, however, that the version they show may not be the broadcast version. So, there’s always a chance this is being kept as a surprise for Saturday. There is certainly plenty of scope for something like that to occur, given the way the episode begins. We’ll say no more, though.

Equally likely, though, is that it was an idea that was eventually left on the cutting room floor.