The Inbetweeners won’t return because the cast are “too old now”

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The Inbetweeners still has a lot of fans, as proven by the level of excitement that occurred on the internet when the cast joked recently about doing another series. The lads all met up and internet loved seeing the pictures, but in the end, it turned out that they weren’t meeting to film anything new – they were just enjoying a reunion dinner to mark the show’s tenth anniversary.

But if you were still holding out for new episodes, it looks like it’s now the time to give up hope. Blake Harrison, who played Neil in the show, has ruled out a return. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the actor said this:

“I just don’t think it would work, I think we’re too old now”, Harrison explains in the clip above. “I think the reason it was so funny was you had these idiotic, ignorant, lads that you let them get away with saying things that would be quite offensive but as they get older you can’t excuse it, I think.”

Harrison makes a strong point there, although some fans would surely love to see the older adventures of the Inbetweeners, as they struggle to make sense of adult life and continue to be idiotic.

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