‘The Paradise’ star on Series 3: ‘It doesn’t feel like it’s over yet’

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The second series of the period drama concluded on BBC One in December, but a new series has not yet been commissioned.

Speaking exclusively to CultBox about the possibility of Series 3, Elliott commented: “Honest to God, I don’t know. That’s something that they are discussing at the moment. There are a million different things, viewing figures, scheduling and whatever…”

The Scottish actor, who plays John Moray in the show, added: “I think there is somewhere to go with the characters. I think you could develop it for another few series. I think the audience would certainly be there for another series. It doesn’t feel like it’s over yet for us, but I know that that decision hasn’t been made yet.”

Asked what his favourite memories of working on The Paradise are, he commented: “Hundreds, literally. It would be hard to choose them, to be honest. Ten months working on that show everyday. It was such a great experience.”

Elliott recalled: “The main thing I’m taking away with me is that feeling of camaraderie; it’s such a lovely cast. It’s not often you go into a job and come out with friends, but with The Paradise I now have these lasting friendships. It was just brilliant fun.”

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