The truth about that cut ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ sex scene

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The article, titled “Barrowman bonk with a barman is banned by Beeb”, also states that the scene – which features “shots of Jack’s naked bum” – was so racy that it had been cut from the episode.

It should be noted that the online article from The Sun originally stated incorrectly that the scene had already aired on Starz in the US (this has since been corrected). The scene will premiere across the pond on Starz on Friday night and on BBC One next week.


Having seen the BBC’s version of the episode in question, we are happy to report that the sex scene, whilst edited, has not been cut from the episode completely. Jack’s one-night stand is included, complete with a rather raunchy moment from Harkness and the barman (Dillon Casey). The much-promised appearance of Barrowman’s bottom has, however, met with the chopper (despite millions of people gazing on it in 2009’s Children Of Earth), although a side shot of Casey naked remains.

There has also been much discussion about the different versions of the episodes but, so far, both Episodes 1 and 2 are exactly the same, aside from longer trailers at the end of the UK versions.

Update: Miracle Day writer Jane Espenson has now commented on Twitter: “I’m told [that the] only diffs in Torchwood content are a 10 second trim in the UK version of ep.3 and a three-second cut in the UK ep.6.”

Look out for our spoiler-free review of Episode 3 on Friday morning.

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