Tom MacRae: New ‘Doctor Who’ ep is ‘a real tear-jerker’

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The Mile High creator’s story is set to air as Episode 11 in the second half of Series 6, which kicks off with Steven Moffat’s ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ on Saturday 27th August.

Speaking to the Northampton Chronicle, the writer revealed: “I went down onto the set quite a lot and it was great to see it filmed. It’s a real tear-jerker of an episode and it’s very much focused on Karen. Her acting in it is amazing. I know she’ll break the viewers’ hearts in two when they watch it, it’s so emotional.”

MacRae previously wrote the 2006 episodes ‘Rise Of The Cybermen’ and ‘The Age Of Steel’ for David Tennant’s Doctor.

Describing the show’s current star, Matt Smith, MacRae commented: “It’s wonderful writing for Matt, he’s such a fantastic actor and a genuinely lovely guy. He’s about the same age as me, we’re from the same town and we’ve got a lot of friends in common, so it was great to work with him. And as The Doctor, I admire him so much. I’m a huge fan of what he’s done on the show, I would say he’s ‘my Doctor’.”

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