Tracy-Ann Oberman: ‘I get Alex Kingston’s fan mail’

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Best known for her role in EastEnders as Chrissie Watts between 2004-2005, the actress appeared in the two-part finale of Doctor Who‘s 2006 series as Torchwood boss Yvonne Hartman. Alex Kingston has played the recurring role of River Song in Doctor Who since 2008.

In an interview with CultBox, Oberman commented on how she is regularly confused with Kingston by fans: “I always have done, ever since she was in Moll Flanders. Then she was in ER and I did a stint in Casualty and everybody would get us confused.”

She continued: “Now she’s in Doctor Who I get loads of her fan mail, I get stopped in the street regularly and I get masses of tweets! ‘I love you as River’, ‘I love you in Doctor Who’, ‘I love your hair’, ‘I love you in this’, ‘you were brilliant in that’… and then people get us completely mistaken and both of our careers sort of merge into one!”

The former EastEnders star is currently taking part in ITV1’s new entertainment series Born To Shine, which continues at 8pm on Sunday night.

Oberman added: “I like to think that somewhere in LA, when I was in EastEnders, people were stopping [Alex Kingston] in the street and congratulating her for killing Dirty Den.”

Kingston returns to Doctor Who in Steven Moffat’s ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’, airing on Saturday 27th August.

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