‘Wizards vs Aliens’ exec teases Series 2

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Series 1 of Wizards Vs Aliens concluded on CBBC earlier this month and Series 2 has just begun pre-production.

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The writer told Den of Geek: “Russell [T Davies] is always very clear about where he’s taking a show, while I prefer to pick my way along as we go. Let’s put it this way: there are things I want us to do on the show that we haven’t even touched on yet.”

He added: “This first season has been very much about setting up the central concept of there being both wizards and aliens. The second season continues that, but takes it off down different avenues.  I mean… the main conceptual difference we have with [The Sarah Jane Advntures] is that we have the same aliens pretty much every week.”

Ford continued: “…there’s lots of new stuff to learn about the Nekross in Series 2. That said, on the other side of the story, we also have the whole magical world, which is literally another universe that we’ve barely begun to explore. Yes, the show’s called Wizards vs Aliens, and that will always be the focus of it, but the opportunity to bring in other magical creatures as well as different aliens means we literally have the best of both worlds.”

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