Homelander is back

Homelander is back to his normal self, and talking Vought+

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The latest Seven on 7 video from Vought International is out, and it’s good to see Homelander is back to his normal self

This months video from Vought is packed with content, and show’s just how much they care about everyone. They mention Faster, A-Train’s new single, though there’s a note of caution regarding how much publicity he’s doing versus racing. We also find out what Queen Maeve and Starlight have been doing and there’s a useful message in the middle about Vought+, with several of the Seven (including Homelander) explaining just why it’s the one we should choose.

Yes, it’s the latest piece from The Boys, filling the long wait for season 3 with little snippets of content building on the ending of season 2. There’s a lot of focus on The FBSA (Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs) and one Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) coming to a deal with Vought and a very tongue-in-cheek piece (we hope) on the latest pink pistols, ie fashionable handguns for women (and some men as Coleman says to camera). Who said satire is dead?! We even get to see Black Noire join in advertising the TV network.

You can watch the latest Seven on 7 now, and expect another next month (on the 7th).