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Joe Henderson, Lucifer showrunner, lines up his next project

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Lucifer season 6 filming is drawing to a close, and it’s reported showrunner Joe Henderson as lined up his net Netflix project

If you following Tom Ellis (@tomellis17) or Lesley-Ann Brandt (@LesleyAnnBrandt) on Twitter, you’ll have seen Lucifer and Maze have filmed their final scene together (sob!) Brandt reported so in a tweet:

What a scene. What a day. Thank you @tomellis17 for everything during action and cut and everything after as well.


Your Mazikeen.

While we’ve still to see season 5Bshowrunner Joe Henderson has (according to a report from, and there’s is from The Hollywood Reporter) lined up his next project, and it’s another supernatural comic book derived work — Shadecraft.


Shadecraft, aims to be a new comic following a high school student who’s life is turned upside down when the shadows around her come to life. The pilot will be written by Henderson and Georgia Lee (The Expanse, The 100.) Lee Garbett, the artist on the comic version of Shadecraft, is also listed as a producer.

The comic is set to focus on teenager Zadie Lu, who already struggles with general fear and anxiety. But those issues get a whole lot more serious when the shadows in her small town literally come to life and start trying to kill her. Thankfully she has a bit of help, as her own shadow seems to be on her side — so at least she’s not completely alone while navigating the trauma of high school and killer smoke-monster-style shadows lurking around.

Will this appeal to the Lucifer audience? To our reading it seems not a million miles away from several other Netflix series, at least in setting. One thing we’ve liked about Lucifer is how the characters are generally a little older than a lot of shows, and very definitely not high school age.

It’s early pre-production for Shadecraft and we understand the comic will be available from the end of this month. As ever we’ll keep you posted as we get more news.