John Simm in White Dragon

John Simm headlines ITV’s new conspiracy thriller

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An impressive cast has been sent to Hong Kong to commence filming on ITV’s upcoming conspiracy thriller, White Dragon.

The drama comes from the pens of Mark Denton and Jonny Stockwood, and Amazon Prime is co-funding this one. The cast for the show features John Simm, Anthony Wong, Emilia Fox, Tim McInnerny, Anthony Hayes, Raquel Cassidy, Katie Leung and Dervla Kirwin.

Paul Andrew Williams is directing White Dragon, and it’ll run to eight episodes. The official synopsis reads:

Simm takes the role of Professor Jonah Mulray who receives a devastating international phone call about the death of his wife, Megan (Dervla Kirwan), who has been working in Hong Kong.  He’s poleaxed with grief, but has to galvanise himself to board a plane for Asia to identify his beloved wife’s body. Megan has died in a car accident on the beautiful mountain roads at the top of Tai Po overlooking Hong Kong, and although a notorious black-spot, Jonah feels he must unravel the circumstances of her death following a emotional voicemail left by his wife just seconds before her death.  With the help of Sally Porter (Emilia Fox) from the British Consulate, Jonah is taken to the mortuary and in the saddest of surroundings he realises his wife has gone forever. 

Expect White Dragon to land in 2018.