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Latest Lucifer teaser tweet for series 5B leaves fans baffled

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The latest Lucifer teaser tweet has spawned a range of fan theories as they are left baffled by the clue

We’re no strangers to trawling through every Lucifer teaser tweet on their Twitter feed and it’s how we found the poignant (and hidden) season 5B trailer in a Chloe Decker stan vid. Naturally we were excited when we saw this:

the word around hell’s campfire is that in 5B, ******* will get his ********** from ***

The idea is to fill in the stars. But with what?

To give some background. These tweets have been going on for a while, and have (to now) been more straightforward:

many things in life are still a mystery, including the 5B release date, but you can look forward to *** getting the family together for ****** — (Oct 14) probably God and something like dinner?

feeling devilish today. might drop a 5B spoiler right about… now! **** plays the ultimate prank on *** — (Oct 26) is Maze playing a prank on God? Not really her style, perhaps it’s Luci?

no news on 5B but the real news we’ll let you in on is that *** and **** are heading to therapy — (Nov 13) and this surely must be God and Luci in therapy with Dr Martin?

when could the release date of 5B possibly be? we can’t reveal that but what we can reveal: get ready for ***’s extended stay on ***** —  (Nov 13) and this must be about God staying on Earth

So, that brings us back to the latest tweet. Who has a 7-letter name? We suspect all 3-letter references are God (though Dad would also work for one of Lucifer, Michael or Amandiel (or other passing Angel). We don’t expect Tricia Helfer back, so Mum is out of the question. Probably! Perhaps it’s Eve? We know Inbar Lavi has been filming and Eve will be back. Or maybe Dan is the culprit/hero of this tweet?

So, who has a 7-letter name? Lucifer does, but they’ve been calling him Luci. Michael does, as well as baby Charlie. Amenadiel and Dan don’t fit, and it’s his not her. What about the middle of the puzzle? What has 10-letters and is relvant?

Popular fan theories are centring on redemption with Lucifer getting his redemption from Dad/God. It fits the direction of travel of the series, but why is he now Lucifer and not Luci? Of course 10 letters could spell punishment. Michael for being Michael? Lucifer for killing Uriel?

Whatever the answer, we can’t wait to find out in season 5b. Whenever that is!