Netflix sneaks out Lucifer 5B teaser

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The official Netflix Lucifer Twitter feed has sneaked out a tiny (seconds long) teaser for season 5B. It’s not quite blink and you’ll miss it, but it isn’t advertised as such.

On November 26, this tweet appeared:

thankful for chloe decker today and every day, so we made a fancam to show how much we stan

This was followed by a short video of Chloe Decker (Lauren German) moments from the show’s history to a great soundtrack. It then ends with the Lucifer title. But there’s more…

We then get a scene in the precinct with lots of falling glass and baffled police. At this point the connection is made… this is just after the final scene of Lucifer season 5A from the pov of the police, ie after time gets unfrozen (watch now if that makes no sense).

Just as you realise there are no celestial beings anywhere in comes the Detective, (Chloe Decker). Remember she was last midway through hearing Lucifer say those three little words when time got frozen. She utters the fabulous: Have you seen Lucifer?

Surely a date for season 5B can’t be far away?!

We’ve already produced an article covering our hopes for season 5B and beyond, and this just adds to the excitement. You can catch the Lucifer season 5B teaser here.