Lee Mack comedy Semi-Detatched heading to BBC Two in August

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BBC Two has set a premiere date for its unique new comedy series…

Semi-Detached has set a BBC Two debut for Thursday August 6th at 10:05pm, it’s been confirmed. The new comedy project, developed from a successful 2019 pilot, stars Lee Mack, Ellie White, Neil Fitzmaurice, Clive Russell, Samantha Spiro, Sarah Hoare and Patrick Baladi, and was created by David Crow and Oliver Maltman.

The six-part series plays out in real time and “is exactly like [TV show] 24, except instead of following a government agent as he saves the planet, the series follows a perennial loser called Stuart as his life goes down the pan in a suburban cul-de-sac.”

Via Comedy:

“All Stuart wants is a quiet life as a wedding DJ but his family seems to have other ideas. On top of barely coping with a (much younger) partner April and a new born baby, Stuart also has to look out for his jailbird brother Charlie and his promiscuous, drug-taking Dad Willie. Then there’s the ex-wife Kate, who lives across the cul-de-sac with their teenage daughter Madonna and Kate’s husband Ted who thinks he’s better than Stuart because he sells fish to sushi restaurants.”

See the trailer below…

“David Crow and Oliver Maltman have not only written the funniest scripts I have ever read, they’ve also effortlessly managed to make the whole series play out in real time”, said executive producer Neil Webster. “And with an incredibly funny cast headed up by Lee Mack, we’re confident that Semi-Detached is going to be a genuinely laugh out loud series. Or your money back.”