Listen to two themes from the Doctor Who Series 12 soundtrack

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Composer Segun Akinola’s Doctor Who Series 12 soundtrack is currently available from Silva Screen Records. The collection features 48 selections from Akinola’s work, two of which are available on YouTube.

The first musical piece, The Bloke Watching Your Dreams, is from Episode 7, Can You Hear Me? The episode features the sinister god, Zellin, who inserts his detachable fingers into people’s ears to induce nightmares. Akinola’s cello-based theme is appropriately creepy.


The second musical piece,The Ascension Shall Begin, comes from the first half of the two-part series finale, Ascension of the Cybermen. This piece, full of screeching synthesizers and metallic rhythms, paints a vivid, strident and terrifying picture of what happens when the Cybermen enact their plan.

The Doctor Who Series 12 soundtrack is available from Silva Screen Records, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon.