Lucifer treats for Geeked Week

Lucifer treats from Geeked Week Day 3

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There were two great Lucifer treats for Lucifans on Netflix Geeked Week Day 3 — we bring you the details

No big reveals for season 6 (of course, it would be too soon) but a good effort from the team to pull together some fun videos.

First up was a season 5 blooper reel. We’re the first to admit bloopers don’t always make compelling watching, and there are times when the cast seems to enjoy them more than we do, but at a fraction under four minutes, we suggest you take a look and make up your own mind.

The big treat was a read through. Here’s where it gets interesting. As we know, season 6 has finished filming and there are no more table reads. This didn’t stop some of the Lucifer cast getting together on a group video call and reading through a version of the script for the pilot episode of the show. At just over and hour, it’s packed full of surprises and great moments. You’ll notice from the above picture some faces not from season one and some missing. The show must go on, and we have (as an example) Inbar Lavi (who plays Eve) taking the part of Detective Dan Espinoza.

One particular highlight is an early Deckerstar scene where Lauren German does her OTT Lucifer impression, leaving Tom Ellis to use an American accent as Chloe Decker. It really is worth watching, even if you watch nothing else! You can catch it here.

The blooper reel and the whole read through are also both available.