Mark Millar talks Jupiter's Legacy

Mark Millar talks creating the show (and more) as Jupiter’s Legacy is released today

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Mark Millar talks about creating Jupiter’s Legacy and other projects as the superhero series arrives on Netflix

He starts with his ambition. The first sentence he wrote was this:

This has to be the greatest superhero story of all time

While you have to admire the ambition, it’s a crowded market with a lot of talented writers, time will tell how well he achieved this goal. He ties the creation of Jupiter’s Legacy to changes in his own life and particularly becoming a parent. We learn how the germ of an idea grew (via a see of Post-IT notes) and become a thirty year backstory. He then discusses coming to Netflix, Millarworld and priorities for various projects. Beyond today’s release, there’s a lot more to look forward to.

Other Mark Millar projects

There’s an unnamed six-part live action spy thriller (his first since Kingsman) and written by an also unnamed writer of whom Millar is a big fan.

Millar is also busy on The Magic Order series (delayed by the pandemic): as for the comic book, he has volume 2 launching in October by the legendary Stuart Immonen and volume 3 immediately afterwards by the sensational European artist Gigi Cavenago. There are updates on the series American Jesus, the anime Super Crooks and the film Reborn (with Sandra Bullock producing).

You can get all the details in Millar’s press release, and watch Jupiter’s Legacy now on Netflix.