Matt Smith: new petition calls for him to donate part of his The Crown salary to Time’s Up

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It recently came to light that, in spite of Claire Foy being the lead in the show, that Matt Smith was paid more money for appearing in Netflix’s juggernaut, The Crown. The admission came from the show’s producers, who have been adamant that nobody will get paid more than The Queen again on the show in the future.

However, a new petition has now been launched to call on Matt Smith to do something with the extra funds he was paid. Set up at Care2, the petition is asking Smith to donate the extra money he received to the #TimesUp campaign.

Over 25,000 have signed the petition thus far, which argues that “This is critical moment for Netflix and Crown co-star Matt Smith to show that they stand with women and do the right thing. Sign and share to ask Smith and Netflix to donate the difference in Smith’s pay to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund”.

The petition can be found here:

The counter argument, that’s been made by many people online, is that perhaps Netflix should stump up and give Foy the extra money that she didn’t get and should have got, rather than asking Smith to take a cut. Netflix, Matt Smith and Claire Foy haven’t responded to the news of the petition.

The Crown will return later this year, with Olivia Colman taking over starring duties.