Ncuti Gatwa speaks of a “pantheon” of Doctor Who villains, lore and mythology

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In an interview with IGN, actor Ncuti Gatwa teased what is ahead for his first full series playing the Doctor in Doctor Who.

“There is a whole bunch of mythology that [Showrunner] Russell [T Davies] is bringing in, there’s a whole pantheon full of different villains and lore and mythology that he’s bringing into the show. [It’s] just very exciting and very indicative of the new adventures we’ll be going on in Doctor Who.”

There are portends of this in the three Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials.

In the first special The Star Beast, the Meep declared “I will escape and have my revenge. So you beware, Doctor, because there’s one more thing.” adding “A creature with two hearts is such a rare thing. Just wait till I tell… the Boss.”

In the second special Wild Blue Yonder, the Doctor introduced the idea of superstition to the Not-things, who want to play our “vicious games and win” in our “noisy, boiling universe.” The Doctor worried about invoking a superstition at the edge of the universe, where the walls are thin and all things are possible.

In the third special The Giggle, the villainous Toymaker spoke of “The One Who Waits”, the only player he didn’t dare face — then later warned the Doctor “My legions are coming.”

Gatwa also spoke to the bi-generation phenomenon, where there are now two Doctors and another TARDIS for his Doctor. He told IGN that there will be “little bits” of story related to the Fifteenth Doctor’s bi-generated status but assured that his Doctor is the Doctor in his own right.

“Fifteen’s origin story is just the Doctor’s origin story; he is fully just the next Doctor in the line. It’s a new mythology that Russell has created, that the Doctor can regenerate fully or double.”

Doctor Who bi-generation - Ncuti Gatwa & David Tennant

A new 8-episode Doctor Who series starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson will debut in May 2024.