New images released for Doctor Who console and PC game

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New images were released for Maze Theory’s new Doctor Who console and PC game, The Edge of Reality, to be released on 14 October.

Compatible with current and next-gen consoles as well as PC, The Edge of Reality reimagines and expands on previous VR-only game The Edge of Time, with a completely new adventure.

The game creators shared some behind-the-scenes insights. The game features both the tenth and thirteenth doctors. Players will visit the Chaosverse, a place where the normal laws of physics have ceased to exist, and meet a new Cyberman design called the CyberReaper.

Writer Gavin Collinson, explains:

“I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, so as a writer a brief like this is fantastic, because all the things that you want to see in a game, you can create. It makes my heart sing to be able to have two Doctors in this story, to have the Cybermen and the Daleks, and not only that, but a new version of the Cyberman; a new enemy which adds to the mythology of the Cybermen. They’re an enemy that does evolve, and this latest iteration is something very different and macabre. Terrifying!”

Developer Stuart Gilray, notes:

“We wanted to explore the idea of a Cyberman that was more aggressive than ever before, so we looked at why Cybermen are the way they are and imagined what could make them even more dangerous. So if you look closely at the CyberReaper design, you’ll see that it is made up of different versions of the Cybermen – how this happened and why it happened, all will be revealed in the game.”

Listen to the CyberReaper theme, written by Richard Wilkinson:

The Chaosverse is a direct result of the Reality Virus, which struck in The Edge of Time

Collinson explains:

“The Chaosverse is a geographical place, but also a state where the normal laws of physics have ceased to exist. It is an area of extreme danger, because everything that you think you can hold true, you can no longer hold true. As a gamer that’s enormous fun, because you simply don’t know what to expect. There are still plenty of elements there to make it recognisably Doctor Who, but it’s Doctor Who with a twist. I think it’s a section of the game people will really enjoy, because Doctor Who at its best is unexpected, but maintains all those motifs that we enjoy.”

Gilray adds:

“It’s a chaotic universe, where the Reality Virus has hit and is breaking everything down. Things appear that don’t belong or aren’t where they’re meant to be, and we played upon that. It’s been unique, it’s been fun, and it’s opened up some great possibilities, such as introducing the Tenth Doctor.”

Gilray on writing for the tenth and thirteenth Doctor:

“Working with those characters was fantastic. With the Doctor, she’s always going to be the brightest person in the room, which is fun. But it’s also difficult to write because if she’s already got the answers, where’s the problem?! And so it’s just about balancing that: having the stakes high enough, putting her in a position where she is in peril, and then letting her go. Working with Jodie Whittaker is like a one-woman adrenaline rush, she immediately sweeps you up in the story. “David Tennant was also a joy to watch, particularly as we move the Tenth Doctor’s story forward, and we see a different side to him.”

The Edge of Reality will be available on October 14 here.