Day of the Triffids stamps marking classic British cult science fiction

Classic British cult science fiction coming to stamps

The Royal Mail commemorates from classic British cult science fiction in a new set of stamps Coming on April 15 are a set of six new stamps from Royal Mail on the them of Classic British science fiction. It’s the usual suspects (and why not?!): Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein HG Wells The Time Machine Aldous Huxley Brave New World … >

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Doctor Who Ravagers starring Christopher Eccleston

Ravagers – details for the return of Christopher Eccleston to Doctor Who

New artwork, and further cast and story details are revealed today for the first volume of Big Finish’s Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures, Ravagers starring Christopher Eccleston. Due for release in May 2021, Ravagers features three tales written by Nicholas Briggs, and sees the Doctor on a voyage of discovery once more with new friends and adventures. Alongside the … >

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Netflix adaptations lead to book sales

Book sales linked to TV shows analysed by Netflix

We recently discussed how the popularity of the Bridgerton novels has soared since the series hit Netflix, and now the streamer has done some analysis of just how well book sales benefit from television adaptation led by Bridgerton, half of the Top 10 titles on The New York Times Best Sellers list this month are books … >

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Bridgerton Novels

Bridgerton novels dominate our Amazon lockdown reading

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels are dominating our fiction reading during lockdown, at least on Amazon Unsurprisingly, major success in one medium (in this case TV) can result in major sales of associated products. The Queen’s Gambit sparked a rise in sales of chess sets worldwide (and popularity of chess as a whole) and the same effect … >

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The Art of Star Trek Discovery

The Art of Star Trek Discovery book now published

Titan Books has published today (December 8 2020) a new hardback book The Art of Star Trek Discovery We’ve been enjoying Star Trek: Discovery season 3 (see our review of the latest episode here) and one of the many things that appeal to us is the stunning visuals. It seems both CGI and set/costume design has reached new … >

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Doctor Who: coding with the thirteenth Doctor

BBC Learning and Tynker have collaborated to create the HiFive Inventor a Next-Generation Education Technology Mini-Computer, helping kids to learn to code with the voice and image of the thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The HiFive Inventor is a hand-shaped mini-computer designed to teach kids how to control robots or interface with IoT systems to investigate … >

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