No season 3 for The End Of The F***ing World

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Season 2 will be the end of the dark Channel 4 drama…

The highly anticipated second season of The End of the F***ing World is set to begin on Channel 4 next week, but viewers should prepare themselves for a swift farewell to the series – creator Charlie Covell has told the Radio Times that there will be no third season.

“I think, for me, that’s it now,” she said. “Yeah, that’s done. I think to try and eke more out would be wrong, I like where we’ve left it.”

Fans of the shocking comic book adaptation have been waiting since late-2017 to find out what would happen after the cliffhanger events of season 1, and they’re about to finally get their chance to rejoin James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden) for another dose of the dark drama.

Covell has revealed that she felt enormous pressure when working on season 2. “I think there’s a big part of you that’s worried about what people think – but I worry and then I think, ‘My God, the fact that I’m worried about fans’ reaction to a show is a very nice problem to have.’ There’s pressure, but there’s pressure because people like something that we all did together.”

It seems that we’re in for quite the ride during season 2, and Covell wants people to “get to the end of this season” before they become upset about where it might be heading.

“Put it this way, if for some reason we hadn’t been allowed to do season two, I would have been really gutted. Which I think shows that it was the right thing to do – for me, anyway. And I think I like where we end it [in season two], and yeah, it feels right for the story. But you never know, and you obviously you can’t write for what people want. I think you have to work out what’s right for the characters and the story— I sound like such a d*** saying that but I think you can’t, you’re not doing fan fiction.”

The End of the F***ing World season 2 begins on Channel 4 on 4th November at 10pm.