Over £500m of productions heading to Wales in coming years – with His Dark Materials likely to be one of them

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The Welsh government is celebrating the busiest year for film and TV production in the country, with the promise of a lot more to come. It says that the last 12 months – that have seen shows and films as diverse as Journey’s End, Doctor Who, Kiri and Britannia film in the country – have been a boom period for production. And there’s the promise of a lot more to come.

“A record slate of productions worth in excess of £500m coming to Wales”, it boasts, “via Bad Wolf, BBC, Pinewood, Boom and others”.

“I am confident we can continue this upward trajectory into the next financial year”, said Wales Economy Secretary Ken Skates.

If you’re looking for a clue as to the filming of the eagerly-awaited TV adaptation of His Dark Materials in there, you might just find it, too. That’s Bad Wolf Productions’ next project, and all rumours are pointing towards filming starting in Wales this coming year.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more…