Ozark Season 4 breaks through 4 billion minutes

Ozark season 4 breaks the four billion minutes barrier in the Nielsens

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It was a clear winner in last week’s Nielsens — this week Ozark season 4 breaks the four billion minutes barrier

Last week, Ozark was the to of the Nielsens with just under three billion minutes viewed. In our analysis, we suggested:

Ozark still riding high, Archive 81 falling back and the wonderfully named The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window season 1 doing well. We think it’s farewell to Emily in Paris, and perhaps Cheer, while we still expect Boba Fett to make an impact. The Sinner season 4 also arrives

Before we get to our analysis, another confession from our data analytics division — they’ve been catching up with Shakespeare & Hathaway series 4 on iPlayer, and forgot to allow time for crunching the numbers, so they’ve used a psychic instead. When they say psychic it looks like the bicycle delivery agent for a well known food at home delivery company who had delivered a range of Peruvian lunches to the team yesterday, but fingers crossed…

The Nielsen data

As ever, we take the published data and add the columns marked ‘*’ The data is from the end of January and covers US audience only.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Ozark 37 60 4,095 68,250,000
2 Disney+ The Book Of Boba Fett 5 45 744 16,533,333
3 Netflix The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window 7 25 650 26,000,000
4 Netflix Archive 81 8 55 462 8,400,000
5 Netflix All Of Us Are Dead 12 60 448 7,466,667
6 Netflix Cobra Kai 40 34 395 11,617,647
7 Netflix In From The Cold 8 47 349 7,425,532
8 Netflix The Witcher 16 60 315 5,250,000
9 Netflix Too Hot To Handle 29 40 309 7,725,000
10 Netflix Cheer 15 50 287 5,740,00

Ozark season 4 breaks though four billion minutes

With Ozark breaking the four billion minutes, we’re starting to need bigger units to measure audience! It’s a rise of over a billion on the previous week, and also a good example of the kind of binge watching we covered in a recent feature. Don’t forget this is only part one of season 4 as well, so we expect the annual total for the show to be remarkable indeed.

To give another angle, Squid Game never rose above 3.26 billion, though did accumulate a total of over 14 billion in eight weeks.

What else happened?

The Book of Boba Fett - Boba and Fennec
Boba Fett looks pleased at his audience ratings

We were pretty much spot on with our suggestions, given they were informed by the Netflix data probably not a surprise. Kirsten Bell impresses in The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window, the first large scale project since we saw her in The Good Place.

We want to mention The Book of Boba Fett; if you’ve followed our reviews, you’ll know we have a lot of interest in this show.

What can we expect next week?

The Netflix data shows All of Us are Dead ruling the roost, though even dropping, Ozark has several seasons in the Netflix top 10, which the Nielsens amalgamate into one. Kirsten Bell should rise and we look forward to seeing how it competes with Boba Fett. Add Sweet Magnolias and Raising Dion and we have a packed week to savour. Until next time!