Peter Capaldi to share special message ahead of ‘Heaven Sent’ watch-along

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Peter Capaldi, in a full endorsement of the Heaven Sent watch-along on April 14, wrote a note to be shared the afternoon of the event, which will take place on his birthday.

The watch-along organizer, Doctor Who Magazine’s Emily Cook, shared this preliminary message from the twelfth Doctor actor:

“I know [director Rachel Talalay] is doing a lot of prep for this and [writer Steven Moffat] is always good value, so you should be in for a good watchalong. ”

Talalay promises that she is gathering insights and materials to share with fans during the the tweet-along which is part of the watch-along.

For his part, Moffat shared a photo from his time writing Heaven Sent while in New York City for a screening of of the Series 8 twelfth Doctor episode Listen.

The script he was working on had funny meta line uttered by the Doctor to the Veil, which wasn’t ultimately used in Heaven Sent, referring to the frequent occurrence of scenes in Doctor Who of characters running down corridors.

Oh no, I’m going to die in a corridor. Are you being satirical?

Expect to also see some well-drawn storyboards for Heaven Sent created by Mike Collins, who also draws comic art.

Check your time zone converter, take your DVD off the shelf or watch a streaming service and join Steven Moffat, Rachel Talalay, Jami Reid-Quarrell (the Veil), Mike Collins and fans around the world to watch Heaven Sent, Tuesday, April 14, 8:00 p.m. British Summer Time using the hashtag #HellofaBird.