Pine and Hemsworth Will Not Boldly go in Forth Trek

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News has broken that contract talks have not gone well and Pine and Hemsworth have walked out of pay negotiations.

They’ve both asked for salaries that are in keeping with their respective DC/Marvel pays, while Paramount are arguing that Star Trek is not considered the same as the superhero franchises; Pine’s Wonder Woman and Hemsworth’s Thor Ragnarok both broke $800 million, Star Trek Beyond only just doubled its $185 million budget.

Losing the two Trek Captains will be a huge blow for the franchise that was rebooted in 2009. It is believed that all other contracts will be successful and see the remaining crew return. As the news broke only mere hours ago, there’s no word on how Pine’s J T Kirk will be written out. It is an easier job with Hemsworth, as the pre-Thor Aussie perished on board the U S S Kelvin, forever changing the timeline of the Starfleet Captain.

Pegg has spoken of his desire to write the next instalment and that Tarentinos incarnation is at least six years away from production so it certainly seems the franchise will survive without the two stars.