Love Death + Robots 2 red band trailer

Red Band Trailer released for LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS volume 2 by Netflix

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Netflix has released a Red Band trailer for this week’s release of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS volume 2

There’s a Red Band trailer (ie R-rated content under US ratings, so more mature than Green Band) for this Friday’s (May 14) release of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS Volume 2. The previous trailer whetted our appetites for the return of this quirky yet overall fascinating series, and this had added to it even more.

The series is presented by Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Joshua Donen and comes with a warning:

Do you realize what you’re doing is illegal?

While you digest that, the message continues with the following advice:

Consume Irresponsibly

We’ve taken the above image from the trailer, and to our eyes it showcases well the differing animated styles we can look forward to enjoying from Friday. We’re pleased to see LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS seems to be continuing in the same vein it left off, and hope to bring you a review soon.

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS goes Star WarsFor now we’d keep an eye on the cute fluffy dog, and we can’t wait to see the story featuring the superb scene we’ve snapped just above. Hands up who immediately though of the Star Wars universe!

You can catch this new trailer now, and watch volume 1 on Netflix.