Rick And Morty renewed for 70 more episodes; creators celebrate with weird video

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Rick And Morty has been renewed by Adult Swim for 70 more episodes. Considering that we’ve only seen 31 episodes of this much-loved animated series to date, this seems like a fairly huge deal.

In this age of TV, where cancellations happen all the time, you rarely see a display of confidence this massive from a network. Adult Swim is the nighttime branding of Cartoon Network, and clearly, Cartoon Network has a lot of faith in Rick And Morty.

Rick And Morty is truly what a modern day hit looks like across multiple screens and multiple touchpoints,” Cartoon Network’s Christina Miller said in a statement. She also praised the show’s creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, for creating “a world, not just a show” that has its fans “completely engaged.”

As for Harmon and Roiland, they celebrated the news the only way they know how, by posting an awkward funny video online…

Nothing this big has ever been seen in my shower

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It’s still not clear exactly when Rick And Morty season 4 will arrive on Adult Swim for American viewers or Netflix UK for British fans. The show famously takes quite a long time to write, record and animate, so it’s probably wise to not hold your breath while waiting.

Regardless of that, it’s exciting to know that the show’s future is secure and that Harmon and Roiland can plan some long-term plotlines for the drunken scientist Rick and his nervous grandchild Morty.

We’ll bring you more – BURRRP! – news as we hear it.