Ruth’s lighthouse has a real-life “TARDIS”

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Sometimes art imitates life.

The lighthouse used as Ruth’s “family home” in the Doctor Who Series 12 episode Fugitive of the Judoon, now operated as a bed and breakfast, is owned by Doctor Who fans and has a changing room in the form of a TARDIS.

West Usk Lighthouse, sits at the mouth of the River Usk near Newport, South Wales. It was built in 1821 by renowned Scottish civil engineer James Walker who went on to build a further 21 lighthouses.

The actual location of the TARDIS in Fugitive of the Judoon is hidden underground but we can’t help think the West Usk Lighthouse TARDIS inspired the Doctor Who production crew to use the lighthouse as a location.

A lighthouse is a handy hideout when you are a Time Lord in disguise.

We’ll bring you more behind-the-scenes news about Fugitive of the Judoon very soon.