Sherlock series 4: new details of deleted scene released

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It’s nearly a year now since the transmission of Sherlock series 4, with no immediate sign of more episodes on the horizon. But in a new interview with the Radio Times, Amanda Abbington – who plays Mary in Sherlock – has revealed a scene from the last series that never made it to the screen.

It’s a moment from The Six Thatchers, that was trimmed to help hit the required 90 minute running time.

“There was a really lovely dinner scene with John and Mary, when they have this really lovely talk about how scared she is about being pregnant or having a baby and that they’re drifting apart”, Abbington recalled.

“It’s a lovely three-page dinner scene that we did and we loved it and it never made it”.

“They’d just come back off the plane – or Mary was just about to go off on her journey – and she was just saying that she’s flying out of control and she doesn’t feel like she’s grounded because she’s trying to tell him who she really is and she can’t and he’s drifting off and they’re not really communicating”.

The scene didn’t make it to the disc release of Sherlock either, but hopefully, it’ll appear somewhere, at some point. Fingers crossed…

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