Sideways gets a second series on BBC Radio 4, coming next week

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Bestselling author Matthew Syed is back with eight new episodes of Sideways, exploring the ideas that shape our lives with stories of seeing the world differently

Sideways is back on BBC Radio 4 Wednesday June 23 at 4 pm, in eight weekly episodes. In the first episode, Matthew Syed asks whether humans are doomed to be unoriginal, as we evolve collectively with shared cultural cues and learn from what has worked in the past. He uses the story of a shamed author accused of plagiarism to explore how we might learn to be more original.

Speaking of the show, he says:

“The new series of Sideways is packed with new ideas, curious backstories, and sideways angles that will help you to see the world, well, a bit differently. I’ve learned more recording this series than doing anything else for years, an eclectic set of stories with a mosaic of themes.”

Further episodes will cover:

Why you might need an alter ego to get ahead

The myth of hidden influences, explored through the 1990 trial of metal band Judas Priest

What children’s television tells us about the developing mind

Lessons on teamwork from the Middle Ages.

We’ve said it many times, about many programmes, but it does look like something to appeal to most listeners, and it will also be available on BBC Sounds. You can read more the BBC announcement.