Stranger Things retakes the top of the Parrots

Stranger Things retakes the top spot on the Parrots

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Stranger Things retakes the top of the Parrot ratings for Digital Originals and Loki keeps rising

The Parrot ratings for the week 13-19 June are out and make interesting reading as ever. Parrot Analytics provides good detail, so we’ll just cover a few points we noticed.

The usual suspects lead overall

Across all modes of TV (streaming, broadcast, cable…) in the US, Spongebob Squarepants dominates demand (not just viewing) and the top also includes Saturday Night Live, Game of Thrones and a rise for The Flash. For the top 10 as a whole, Stranger Things makes #8, with the latest Lucifer just making #10.

Focus on Digital Originals

In terms of shows that have originated on streaming services, Lucifer shows a fade as fans have all consumed the season 5B drop. Their demand has dropped a little, which is why Stranger Things has risen. Don’t forget we are in a season gap for Stranger Things, so we expect some big numbers when it next hits Netflix.

Disney+ does well and we recommend reading the original analysis, which discusses why WandaVision has risen. Note where Loki is; the tactic of dropping an episode a week is building interest over time, whereas a big series drop makes a big splash that fades.

Handmaid’s Tale is down, so the end of series didn’t generate an equivalent spike of interest. It’s all very intriguing!