Sweet Tooth tops the Nielsens

Sweet Tooth tops the Nielsens as it breaks the billion minutes barrier

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Sweet Tooth tops the Nielsens for the week 7-13 June as it and Lucifer break the billion minutes barrier

After a good start last week, we now see Sweet Tooth take the top spot in the Nielsens for US streaming. Again there are some huge numbers in play, so we turned to the computers normally used by the Video Assistant Referees (VAR) for Euro 2020 and ran the data through them as they won’t be busy until Sunday. We look at the top of the chart and scrutinise for any other trends.

This week’s Nielsen data

As ever we take the published data and add our own episodes viewed columns marked with ‘*’. Don’t forget this is just US viewing figures.

Rank Streamer Series # Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 NETFLIX Sweet Tooth 8 45 1,434 31,866,667
2 NETFLIX Lucifer 83 50 1,012 20,240,000
3 DISNEY+ Loki 1 45 731 16,244,444
4 HULU The Handmaid’s Tale 45 50 422 8,440,000
5 NETFLIX Lupin 9 50 237 4,740,000
6 NETFLIX The Kominsky Method 22 30 235 7,833,333
7 NETFLIX Ragnarok 12 47 182 3,872,340
8 NETFLIX Longmire 63 60 156 2,600,000
9 NETFLIX Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous 26 25 142 5,680,000
10 NETFLIX The Great British Baking Show 65 65 137 2,107,692

Sweet Tooth tops the chart
It’s congratulations to Sweet Tooth, but both it and Lucifer broke the billion minutes barrier. It effectively doubled its viewing figures, impressive for a new series and we suspect word of mouth had a part. As for Lucifer, it’s week three of the bump from the release of season 5B, so a dip isn’t any large surprise and in some ways makes last weeks ~1.8 billion seem even more remarkable.

What else happened?

We tipped Loki for success last week and it’s #3 after one week with very impressive figures. Less startling was the return for Lupin and also Ragnarok has fallen back sharply in terms of chart position.

Looking ahead

We see a straight head2head for Sweet Tooth and Loki, with other shows dropping back. Whatever does happen, we’ll bring you our unique analysis. Until next time!