The Doctor Who boxset that’ll now cost you £119

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Collecting Doctor Who DVDs remains an affordable hobby, given that the price of most of them has now fallen to well below the £10 mark. But every now and then, a special collectors’ edition pops up that still somehow attracts an eye-watering price.

That’s the case for a special black rubber limited edition Doctor Who: The Daleks boxset. The black rubber appears to be the big selling point here, as in terms of classic Dalek stories, it’s not even complete!

The set was a limited edition run, featuring Dalek Invasion Of Earth, Genesis Of The Daleks, Resurrection Of The Daleks, Revelation Of The Daleks and Remembrance Of The Daleks. Straight away, the absence of William Hartnell’s first Dalek adventure The Daleks, along with Tom Baker in Destiny Of The Daleks, is hard to overlook. There’s no Frontier In Space, Planet Of The Daleks or Death To The Daleks either. Some mitigation is offered by the fact that the set itself was released back in 2007.

And maybe it’s that that’s contributed to its worth. Right now, save for the collection of seven series of Who, and US imports, it’s the most expensive second hand Doctor Who set to buy at Amazon UK. The asking price is a cool £119.99. The actual discs within it can be found at half the price. But here’s the link if you’re inclined:

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