The ‘Doctor Who Hare’ is looking for a new home…

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A unique and slightly random piece of merchandise, the ‘Doctor Who Hare’ is going under the hammer. 

This summer, the Hares of Hampshire trail has seen a free, family-friendly trail of discovery across the cities of Southampton and Winchester. The trail is a Wild in Art event by The Murray Parish Trust and concludes on Monday 29th August.

With hare and leveret sculptures sponsored by businesses, there have been a wide range of colourful designs. From golden to multi-coloured, from an armoured hare to one with spots like a Dalmatian. Thanks to artist Caroline Fairbairn, Doctor Who also got in on the act.

The ‘Doctor Who Hare’

The Doctor Who Hare

The sculpture features all the portraits of all the doctors on a swirling astral nebula and has been a favourite on the trail.

The hare measures 193cm high, 113cm long and 113cm wide and weighs approximately 40kg. It’s made out of fire-retardant fibreglass resin and is suitable for display indoors and outdoors.

The Doctor Who connection goes further too, as the “Parish” of The Murray Parish Trust is actress Sarah Parish, who played the Empress of the Racnoss in the 2005 Christmas Special ‘The Runaway Bride’.

Sarah Parish has used her Doctor Who connections to have the statue signed by a number of Doctors. Peter Davison, David Tennant and Peter Capaldi have all endorsed the hare, with the latter adding a very special Dalek. There’s a video of her collecting the signatures here.

A forever home?

Now all the ‘Doctor Who Hare’ needs is a new home. Along with the rest of the collection, it comes up for auction on Tuesday 13th September.

The starting price is £2,400 will all proceeds going to The Murray Parish Trust who support children’s emergency services across the South of England by raising money and awareness to support projects at key trauma centres, to enable pioneering research and provide life-saving equipment.

You can register your interest in the online auction here.