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The Irregulars renewed and will be back for a second season

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The Irregulars is renewed for a second season and starts filming in the summer

If you’ve been enjoying The Irregulars, you’ll be pleased to know it’s down to start filming again in the summer. Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed The Irregulars is renewed, but given Tom Bidwell is due back in Liverpool for filming, we’re taking it as read. This was first reported in trade magazine Production Weekly, according to an article from Newsweek.

Netflix, then, remains committed to its development of the Holmesian universe(s), and The Irregulars can be seen as part of the same initiative as Enola Holmes, though the two would seem to be in widely different realities.

And what is The Irregulars?

Set in the era of Sherlock Holmes, the series focusses on a group of homeless (OK there’s a slightly more upper class member of the team) people, trying to survive in London, occasionally investigating the supernatural at the behest of Dr John Watson. Although the plots are a little simplified at times (eg someone just happens to read a book five minutes before they need a clue to something), it’s quite dark and the cast are all strong. They very much aren’t the Scooby Gang set in Victorian London, but people with diverse needs and fears. We’re only part way through season 1, but intrigued enough to see where it all arrives and (so far) welcome the idea the show has been renewed.
We’ll keep you posted as we get more news.