The Liar ending isn’t going to cheat you, we’re promised

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ITV’s hit thriller Liar is heading into its final strait, with mysteries still yet to be resolved. But one of the stars of the show, Joanne Froggatt, has assured fans that they’ll be getting a proper ending to the series, and not bait for the next series.

Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, she said that “it’s definitely a thriller that you can watch and get to the end and feel like you can pay back for your investment and time and emotion into this story”, she said. “It’s not something that’s too open-ended — it’s a whole story, and a real roller coaster of a story”, she added.

It does sound like there will be some lead in to a further series, from what she’s said. The show continues on Monday nights for the next few weeks, though, so all will be revealed when the finale airs on October 16th….