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The Witcher season 2 (and others, including Cobra Kai) coming in Q4

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The Witcher season 2 will arrive in Q4 (as will other marque titles) according to the latest Netflix update

Yesterday (20 April), Netflix gave their difficult Q1 earnings update to the market (more on that elsewhere). Thanks to the NASDAQ website, you can read the whole transcription. Fortunately you don’t have to as we’ve taken a look for you; we assume most of our visitors have other things to fill their time with than corporate earnings statements;-)

The Witcher season 2

We know the new series has finished filming, and we already wondered about an end of (calendar) year release. Now we know it will make 2021; here’s the relevant part of the transcript:

…in Q4 where we’ve got the returning seasons of some of our most popular shows like The Witcher, You, and Cobra Kai as well as a big temple movie that came to market a little slower than we’d hope like Red Notice with The Rock and Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot and Escape from Spiderhead with Chris Hemsworth, big event content…

It took as a couple of reads (and some extra commas!) to parse that conversation — Red Notice stars The Rock, Reynolds and Gadot; Escape from Spiderhead stars Hemsworth.

As to the rest of the (long) conversation, it’s interesting in terms of what it implies about the development of Netflix, but a little less accessible if you want to know more about the fate of your favourite shows! Of course, it’s all interconnected.

We’ll keep abreast of all business developments as they effect what we watch and listen to, and keep you posted.