Top Gear team release new trailer, set series premiere date

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The BBC’s hard-drivin’ trio will return to our screens soon. 

With the controversies of Team Clarkson, and the Chris Evans issue, well its the rear view mirror, the BBC is ready to turn the lights to green on the third series of its now-not-so-new-look Top Gear. The same trio as last time around will be at its wheels – namely, Matt Le Blanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris – beginning on BBC2, Sunday February 25th at 8pm.

To celebrate the news, the BBC offered up this trailer showing the team on one of its familiar ‘capture the flag’-style capers, complete with it’s trademark splashes of completely irresponsible example-setting when it comes to how you should handle a powerful potential killing machine weighing a ton or so.

Hey, maybe that’s just us, though?

Here it is anyway.

For those who just can’t get enough Top Gear, the new series – the 25th for the Beeb flagship automotive light entertainment showcase – will also come with an ‘After Show’, Top Gear Extra, hosted by Rory Reid. That will go out immediately after the main show, as the idea of an ‘After Show’ would suggest, on BBC Three and iPlayer from 9pm.