Venna's Planet cast revealed for Robin Evans graphic novel

Venna’s Planet — cast for audio dramatisation of Robin Evan’s graphic novel

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Oh, My Krog! Venna’s Planet cast revealed!

AUK Studios has announced the cast of the forthcoming audio dramatisation of Robin Evans’ graphic novel and comedy space opera Venna’s Planet, produced for AUK by multi-award-winning producer B7 Media.

The all-star cast includes cult Hammer Horror and Bond actress Caroline Munro as Venna’s nemesis ‘Jylda’ and former Blake’s 7 star, Sally Knyvette, who plays Venna’s senior officer and jealous admirer, Countess Galo. “I beamed into my dear departed mother who was a bit like a Countess,” says Knyvette. “(The Countess) is quite sensual and she’s very commanding! The writing’s good and I like the humour too.

Venna herself is played by popular video game voice actor Amelia Tyler who is no stranger to battling bizarre creatures on strange and curious planets. Having previously voiced iconic characters in major franchises including, Malady in Divinity: Original Sin, as Nyrissa in Pathfinder: Kingmaker and as the narrator in Baldur’s Gate III. Handy with a space pistol, Venna is an intergalactic heroine always willing to fight her corner, a fierce protector of her friends — it wasn’t a huge jump for Amelia to leap into Venna’s intergalactic boots.
Amelia Tyler instantly identified with Venna:

“We both have a very can-do attitude, throwing ourselves into all manner of scrapes with reckless enthusiasm and making up solutions on the fly, neither of us take any sh*t and are fiercely protective of the people we care about… but the biggest similarity is our sense of humour. Whether she’s in a shootout, getting attacked by a horrifying alien creature or covered in some kind of disgusting goo, Venna always has time for a wry quip and I’m very much the same.

“We’re also both bisexual and it’s been great to play a bi character whose sexuality is normalised rather than fetishised or made the entirety of her character. Venna’s in love with a woman, but that’s only a tiny part of her and her story. She’s also very feminine in appearance and the adventures we go on with her are full of hilarious eyebrow wiggles and knowing winks, but I think listeners will be pleasantly surprised to meet a female lead who doesn’t fit the traditional ‘sci-fi hottie’ stereotype.”

Joining Venna on her adventures are Misha Crosby (Hollyoaks, American Horror Story: 1984, Green Rush) as Clayton, Natalie Winter (Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Big Finish: Doctor Who) as Suhl and Andrew James Spooner as Geezur (The Sandman, Wurzel Gummidge, Assassins Creed: Valhalla), with a host of other Krogs, humans and monsters to keep Venna on her toes.

Season 1 of Venna’s Planet is based on Robin Evans’ Broken Promise, the first of a trilogy. Find out more in the B7 Media original announcement and keep an eye out for a release date.