‘Torchwood’ audio review: Suzie Costello returns in ‘Moving Target’

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Big Finish’s range of brand new Torchwood stories continues this month with ‘Moving Target’.

Guy Adams’ story gives us the return of bad-girl Suzie Costello (Game of Thrones actress Indira Varma) who was killed in the first ever TV episode of the show (which didn’t preclude her coming back in a later story). This means the adventure is set before any of the TV episodes, and continues this series’ ad hoc approach to story placement.

Like previous instalments this is a small cast production; joining Indira are Alex (Naomi McDonald) and The Referee (Nicholas Burns). The setup grabs from moment one – Earth is frozen in time and Suzie is the last woman alive that is until she meets Alex. Alex is the target of a never ending cadre of alien hunters, each intent on taking her life.

Not only does Suzie need to protect Alex, but also find a way to save the planet. If that weren’t enough she also has to deal with The Referee. This throws Suzie centre stage and makes her play the hero, both in stark contrast to what little we saw of her on TV.


Through this device Guy Adams gives us more insight into Suzie’s character and we can see some of the steps she took on the path that would lead to her eventual death. Until then she is revealed as a vibrant, if emotionally stunted, individual with plenty to contribute.

In contrast, Alex seems to be just an everyman, the unlikely target for off-world hunters and more interested in a spot of shopping while everyone else is frozen. The ending, when it comes, is powerful and appropriate, and once again the production team, led by director Scott Handcock, has worked miracles in creating yet another strong story.

The casting gives plenty of dynamic, and Nicholas Burns’s portrayal of the Referee is a strong mix of superior, irritating and intriguing and helps off-balance the listener trying to second-guess the plot.

Yet again another angle is found for Torchwood, and another character returns to the fold. And yet again we have to hope they return again soon.


Released in June 2016 by Big Finish.

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