Doctor Who: Flux — Village of the Angels first thoughts (spoilers)

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Chapter Four of Doctor Who: Flux has just landed. Here’s what we thought of Village of the Angels… 

Naturally, spoilers follow.

Tony Jones:  a lot to like here, though it was mostly the new characters who shone for me. I like the fact we’re getting the Bel and Vinder story dripped in as well, but for me it’s the classic old-school setting of small village, Professor Jericho, Claire and the angels I care about.

The Doctor is also pretty active, but it seems there’s more than one agenda at work here and we’re getting more insight into the idea behind the Division. A powerful ending, and regardless of one’s personal view of the Chibnall reworking of the show’s mythos, he deserves some credit for seeing it through.

Less impressive were the use of Yaz and Dan, who seemed to be along for the ride for the second week in a row. It’s only a short series, so this is a lot of air time where they are just being moved into place.

Congratulations as well on the mid-credit trailer and at least one reveal guaranteed to keep fans speculating for another week. Roll on Survivors of the Flux.


Ian McArdell: After the strangeness of last weeks episode, we were still on matters temporal, if more familiar. Village of the Angels couldn’t have been more different, going for jump scares and playing with audience expectations of the Angels and their abilities.

Poor old Yaz and Dan felt rather relegated to the B plot, as they were sent back in time, although their discoveries nicely hooked back up with the Doctor. I could have seen plenty more of Dr Jericho and Claire; her story was not at all how I had anticipated it to be.

  • Bel and Vinder (and their “as yet unborn child”)’s story continued to percolate in the background. It felt like a bit of a sideshow to the main event, but does ask questions of Azure’s motivations; have we got these villains wrong?I don’t know where the split between Chris Chibnall and Maxine Alderton comes, but she’s two for two and I very much hope she will be sticking with the show in its next incarnation.

    You certainly can’t fault Flux for its cliffhangers – the final moments of the episode were head-spinning. But all is not lost, as that ‘next time’ trailer tantalisingly shows. This week can’t go fast enough! Also, a mid-credits scene? How very Marvel!

    Doctor Who: Flux continues next week with Survivors of the Flux.