Doctor Who: Village of the Angels – behind the scenes

Village of the Angels, written by Maxine Alderton and Chris Chibnall, is the fourth chapter of Doctor Who: Flux. What follows are select behind-the-scenes media from the cast and crew of the making of the episode. The Official Behind-the-Scenes Video: A glimpse of slates from videos from filming indicates that Village of the Angels was … >

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Doctor Prison Revolution of the Daleks Doctor Who Series 13 Speculation

Revolution of the Daleks — What’s next for the Thirteenth Doctor?

With the dust settling on the recent festive special, Revolution of the Daleks, we are left with a few questions. Here is some Doctor Who Series 13 speculation, spoiler-free… Space Prison Did the Doctor’s incarceration take place on a version of Shada? Though it was never confirmed onscreen, it certainly looked like it! The Time … >

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Doctor Who Scientific Advisor: behind the scenes on Series 11

Dr. Niall Doran, who received a credit as Scientific Advisor of the Doctor Who Series 11 episode Arachnids in the UK, has some interesting insight into the challenges Chris Chibnall and other Doctor Who showrunners face. These challenges may be part of the reason Series 12 of Doctor Who will not air until very early … >

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Exclusive Doctor Who merchandise at Chinese maker festival

Some very interesting merchandise was exhibited at the Taobao Maker Festival in Hangzhou this weekend. Among the merchandise exhibited was a traditional Chinese dough figurine in the shape of the thirteenth Doctor and her TARDIS, an elaborate mobile phone case featuring the twelfth Doctor, a pair of Doctor Who sneakers, and a Doctor Who book cover. The merchandise can be viewed … >

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Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Comics: new images released

Titan Comics has released a preview of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor No. 0, subtitled The Many Lives of Doctor Who via the Hollywood Reporter. One of the images shows the thirteenth Doctor, newly regenerated in the TARDIS, with a continuation of the twelfth Doctor’s speech from Twice Upon a Time. “People are going to call you Thirteen, the … >

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Jodie Whittaker is The Doctor

Doctor Who Series 12: rumoured plans to introduce a past alien relationship

The Express cited an anonymous source at BBC America who spoke of possible love interests for the thirteenth Doctor. While there are no such plans for Series 11, the source mentioned a possible future storyline: “…the suggestion of this timelord ‘fancying anyone’ is off the table, although there are early plans to introduce an alien … >

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