Doctor Who Short Trips 8.10: I Am The Master review

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Thanks to his numerous appearances over the years, against various Doctors, is fair to say that Geoffrey Beevers has become the audio embodiment of that classic Time Lord villain, The Master.

While he only played briefly against Tom Baker onscreen in The Keeper Of Traken, a story which reintroduced the character after some years and led us up reinvigorated Anthony Ainley version, Beevers’ performance under latex showcased his gloriously silky tones and naturally Big Finish have had the opportunity to flesh his incarnation out, an irony given the character’s decaying, skeletal form.

As well as giving voice to the Master, this Short Trip is written by Geoffrey Beevers too and he brings us a delightfully dark insight into the machinations of the Master who is playing the long game with the Empire of Glox.

The Gloxians, a species with poor eyesight and well developed hearing, enjoy most of their entertainment via radio (television understandably having not really taken off) and so the story has lots of fun with its sound studio setting, referencing those famous Big Finish lunches as well as oft-mentioned axiom that the audio medium has better visuals.

We particularly loved the first person style of the story, being taken into the Master’s confidence and how we are granted insight into his rather desperate existence, as he explained his plans and how they differed from his usual modus operandi.

Dark and deliciously funny in places, I Am The Master is forty-two minutes of devilish delight and another treat in the innovative Short Trips range.