‘The Musketeers’ Season 3 Episode 10 review: ‘We Are the Garrison’

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It’s the very last episode of The Musketeers, and I’m still a bit sad about that.

Bad news: Treville is still dead.  Worse news: Grimaud, who remains a very bad man, has wasted no time in blowing the heck out of the Musketeers’ garrison.  Good news: the baddies think D’Artagnan is dead, which will no doubt make for a fun surprise later.

Elodie (remember her?  She was that awesome lady from the weird village who had a baby a few episodes ago) has come to Paris with her little munchkin, while the fellas prepare to face off against Grimaud, who somebody really just needs to shoot him, like, a lot of times.  They’ve got Sylvie, who’s totally got a little Athos baby in the oven, though he doesn’t know it yet.

(And what a fun way for a dad to be to find out!)

The Musketeers 3

Of course our heroes make a thrilling escape from the clutches of Grimaud and his people – and D’Artagnan takes particular delight in getting back at Marchaud at long last – but Grimaud himself manages to run off to safety, yet again.  It’s like everybody’s aim just gets awful as soon as they try kill him.  How many times has he made an improbable villainous escape now?  Damn, dude.

Meanwhile, Anne is settling into her regency, and seems like she’ll do a very good job at teaching the little king how to be a quality ruler.  Also, her outfit is super cute.  Grimaud, however, is blowing up the cathedral where little king was about to be blessed in front of lots and lots of people.  Except he’s thwarted, soaking wet, in a really nicely lit basement.  Pretty sure he’s dead this time.  Well done, Athos.  That feels good.

Have I mentioned how much I love Anne?  She gets stuff done.  It’s nice to see her, at long last, getting to make decisions, both happy – offering the First Minister job to Aramis – and less fun – enlisting Milady’s skills in getting Gaston out of the way (which was fierce, and awesome).

The Musketeers 3 10

And the conclusions: they’re nice.  Porthos is a general with a nice lady friend, Aramis has a sweet new job and finally gets to spend quality time with Anne, and D’Artagnan takes over as captain while Athos is busy being a dad.

It’s all magically wrapped up and very silly, but gosh, it’s been fun, and I’m going to miss this silly, wonderful show.  Thanks, Musketeers.


Aired at 9pm on Monday 1 August 2016 on BBC One.

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