‘The Musketeers’ Season 3 Episode 6 review: ‘Death of a Hero’

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At last, the baddies have resolved to get rid of those pesky Musketeers once and for all, but the cynic in me is apt to remind myself that this is only the sixth episode of a ten-episode season.

There wouldn’t be much to go on if all of our heroes were dead for the last four episodes.  Still, it would have been an unexpected twist.

Nonetheless, it begins to unravel within the first ten minutes.  Sylvie gets a few good shots in at Grimaud, who somehow manages to shuffle away from the encounter as I suppose she didn’t hit any especially vital organs, and the Musketeers quickly determine that that dodgy letter from Treville was a big old el fake-o.

And it turns out that being shot makes Grimaud a grumpy so-and-so, concluding that they’re just going to have to bump off King Louis at the same time they bump off Aramis, lest the cunning plans Grimaud hatched with Feron are discovered.  Good strategy there, pal – it’s not like he’s not just going to be dead in a few months if you just wait it out.

Meanwhile, Louis enjoys a nice pilgrimage with Aramis, who looks very nice in a cape, and Porthos and D’Artagnan enjoy a nice meaningful conversation about life while Grimaud and his goons wait outside to kill them.  Explosions ensue, and Athos and Treville ride to the rescue, digging their friends out of the rubble and dust.

It’s a blessing whenever we get a scene between our two female characters, as they so often have not nearly enough to do.  Even if all they’re doing is talking about the woeful state of Queen Anne’s marriage, I just love their friendship.

The Musketeers 3 Queen Anne (ALEXANDRA DOWLING)

Speaking of friendship, there’s a touching scene between Louis and Feron, in which Feron just can’t bring himself to murder his brother (well done, buddy!) and Louis asks Feron to be the little Dauphin’s guardian (oh Louis, too good for this world, too pure).  And then Louis just has to go and ask Aramis about that time he got snuggly with the Queen.  Dude, you know you’re not going to like the answer.

Turns out that nice snuggle-filled opening scene narration about death wasn’t really about the Musketeers after all.  So much for Feron, and our heroes are left wondering what the heck is going on.  Sad times.


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