‘Yonderland’ review: Season 3 Episode 4 all comes together beautifully

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This especially terrifying episode of Yonderland features one of the most terrifying things in the entire universe.

No, I’m not talking about contemporary global politics, ice cream van music, or my pending loans: I’m talking about clowns.  Clowns are scary.  No amount of balloon snakes will make me less squirrely about them.

It should come as no surprise that the elders are singularly unfit for rugged outdoor living.  Cuddly Dick continues to tighten his warm and snuggly hold on the hearts and minds of the Yonderlanders, and the reluctantly forest dwelling heroes continue to rely on Debbie’s help to restore their good names.

Meanwhile, a community of WI-types are at war.  Over cake.  As you do.  It’s like a less kind, less gentle Bake-Off, where instead of competitors helping each other apply their crumb coats and roll fondant, you’ll probably get shot.  Heavens to Betsy, there’s a lot going on.  If you’ve ever had one of my cakes, you’ll know I felt for these women, torn apart by… buttercream and sponge.  Baking is serious business, kids.

Meanwhile meanwhile, back in not-yet-Glasgow, Debbie puts her foot down about clowns at birthday parties.  While extra meanwhile, an actual clown is menacing the forest, and Debbie is forced to face her fear.  And he’s just a nice fellow who likes cake!  And the birthday party is saved!  It all comes together beautifully.

Except that clowns are still terrifying, even when I know there’s a Mat Baynton under there and I’m pretty sure he’s really a ray of sunshine.


Aired at 6.30pm on Sunday 6 November 2016 on Sky1.

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