‘Yonderland’ Season 3 Episode 7 review: What is Cuddly Dick up to?

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It turns out that not even the magical realm of Yonderland is safe from the seemingly irresistible lure of those reality-style competition programmes our world is so plagued with.

Even the elders, who really ought to be focussed on reclaiming the land from the vicelike grip of so-called Cuddly Dick are not immune to the inexplicable appeal of the Miss Smashing programme.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Dick himself is behind the resurgence of the programme, in part no doubt as a means to keep the population docile (not that mindless televisual entertainments ever have that effect, or we’d be living in a dystopian nightmare world – actually, now that you mention it…)  And while eliminated contestants are mysteriously disappearing, it’s up to Debbie – of course – to get to the bottom of things, especially when Elf gets involved, in a very pretty wig.

Yonderland 3

Busting into Elf’s Tree Studios (I see what you did there), Debbie exposes the sham of the competition on live television, and it almost, with mixed results.  Meanwhile, Negatus’ loyalties continue to be tested, and what is Dick doing with those missing persons?

But back in the real world (or at least the Midlands), the tension is palpably mounting between Pete’s earnest desire to move house and Debbie’s attempts at staying, without saying so.  What’s going to happen?  Will she just tell him she doesn’t want to move?  Will they move after all?  I don’t dare imagine the screaming pandemonium that would befall Yonderland without its chosen one to sort its nonsense out on pretty much a daily basis.

(Just for the record, I’d give this episode a solid 8 out of 5 for the Network reference, and an even more solid 9 for managing to appeal to my inner Trekkie and my inner Starwarsian in one fell and accurate swoop.  Bless this show.)


Aired at 6.30pm on Sunday 27 November 2016 on Sky1.

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