The CultBox Podcast Roundup – January 2022

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Welcome to the CultBox Podcast roundup for January 2022. 

Our favourites this month have included, in no particular order…

Back To One #186 – Eric Roberts

The prolific Eric Roberts talks to Peter Rinaldi about his approach to acting and how he achieves such a volume of work. He’s a fascinating subject with plenty of anecdotes and a clear passion for his craft.

That Gaby Roslin Podcast – Suranne Jones

Gaby chats to Suranne Jones in a life-affirming episode with an accent on mental health. Suranne talks openly about learning to deal with her anxieties and working on high-profile shows like Doctor Foster, Vigil and Gentleman Jack.

Space Fall: A Blake’s 7 Podcast – Star One

After a long break, the affable Aussies are back with their take on the climactic Series B finale ‘Star One’. The pair revel in Chris Boucher’s lines for Avon and the culmination of the series long arc. They also consider how different the show might be today with a healthy CGI budget.

That Gaby Roslin Podcast – Jason Isaacs

A second mention for Gaby Roslin, here for her terrific interview with Jason Isaacs. Ostensibly to promote his new Sky Original Movie Mass, it’s an absorbing discussion which bounces up and down his career, taking in Harry Potter, Peter Pan and The OA.

Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner S6, Ep12 – Sam West

Technically from last December – but we’ve only just caught up – over lunch at the Ritz, food critic Jay Rayner talks to actor and theatre director Sam West (All Creatures Great and Small).

Despite his varied career, the chat begins with talk of the pair visiting Trevor Martin at the 1974 Doctor Who stageplay Seven Keys to Doomsday in 1974, and goes on to cover his infamous role as the Rani’s assistant in Dimensions in Time. Worth hearing for that alone, there’s also a Julia Roberts kiss and plenty of talk about his activism too.

Film Stories with Simon Brew

In January, Film Stories dug into the fascinating stories behind quite a range of films; Ocean’s 11 (2001), House of Gucci, Wayne’s World, Ronin, Moneyball, Knocked Up, Suicide Squad (2016) and Leap of Faith.

Happy listening… and do let us know if you have any recommendations too.