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Master!: Nemesis Express – Doctor Who audio boxset review

The TV Movie Master is back for another round with Vienna – on a train speeding through the Time Vortex! Master!: Nemesis Express is the second boxset outing for Eric Robert’s dastardly incarnation of the Master. Who doesn’t love a good space train? In this case, the story takes place onboard the Kairos, a pleasure … >

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Documentary about 1996 Doctor Who film to hit screens in October

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution has won the rights to to release award-winning Doctor Who documentary, Doctor Who Am I theatrically in the UK in October and will also manage international sales, according to Variety. “We at Kaleidoscope are delighted to be working with Matthew and Vanessa on this fabulous film,” said Kaleidoscope CEO Spencer Pollard via … >

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The CultBox Podcast Roundup – January 2022

Welcome to the CultBox Podcast roundup for January 2022.  Our favourites this month have included, in no particular order… Back To One #186 – Eric Roberts The prolific Eric Roberts talks to Peter Rinaldi about his approach to acting and how he achieves such a volume of work. He’s a fascinating subject with plenty of … >

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Huluween — Hulu pulls out all the stops for Halloween

It’s Halloween season, and this year Hulu is holding Huluween Hulu deserves credit for the merging of its name with the season, but even more credit for what it’s done in terms of content. First off you can go to the Huluween section of its website. Yes, it’s a marketing hook to some promotional material for various … >

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Master! – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Master! sees Eric Robert’s incarnation of the dastardly Time Lord, first seen in the 1996 TV Movie,  let loose. While he has returned a few times on audio, most recently in Masterful, this boxset offers the villain centre stage. Along for the ride too is Big Finish’s homegrown heroine Vienna Salvatori (Chase Masterson). The impossibly … >

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Doctor Who: Ravenous 4 audio review

‘Ravenous 4’, the latest volume of Eighth Doctor adventures sees the culmination of the current storyline. Accompanied by Liv and Helen, plus his troublesome villain-turned-ally The Eleven, the Doctor has been battling the Ravenous, creatures with a voracious appetite for the Time Lords themselves. Whisper The Eleven is cured. The personalities of his former selves, … >

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Audio Review: The Diary Of River Song series 5

Since opening her diary for Big Finish, the time-travelling archaeologist Professor River Song (Alex Kingston) has dutifully picked her way back up her husband’s timeline, most recently reaching the Fourth Doctor. For this fifth volume however, River chronicles encounters with another Time Lord – one who is presented in four different, but equally deadly flavours. … >

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5 of the Master’s most bonkers plans in ‘Doctor Who’

First appearing to menace him in 1971’s ‘Terror of the Autons’, the Doctor’s best friend turned best enemy is seemingly impossible to kill and keeps coming back for more. With a penchant for disguises and elaborate schemes, the villainous Time Lord often used to reel the Doctor in over an intimal episode, with a dramatic … >

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