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The CultBox Podcast Roundup – May 2023

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Cheer up Kendall, here’s the Podcast Roundup for May 2023 – our favourites from the worlds of CultBox. 

Our picks this month, in no particular order, are…

Back to One Ep 253 – Jon Voight

Host Peter Rinaldi talks to the legendary actor John Voight about his acting career and his approach to roles. It’s a fascinating chat with reminiscences of working with John Schlesinger, John Cassavetes and his new film Mercy with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

The Sirens of Audio Ep 153 – Jason Haigh-Ellery with Janet Fielding Live in Brisbane

The Sirens of Audio podcast logo

The interview with Big Finish boss Jason Haigh-Ellery delivered lots of Doctor Who titbits! We found out that the audio producers have some releases recorded for as far ahead as 2030! Plus, the company considered Matt Smith for a male companion role two years before he became the Doctor, but though him too young. Oh, and the surprising identity of the most famous person on Jason’s phone!

Also this month, the Sirens dropped an entertaining interview with actor, director and writer Helen Goldwyn, who talked about her work with Big Finish on various ranges.

The Radio Times Podcast – Richard Armitage

Recorded live at the PPA Festival, actor Richard Armitage joined host Kelly-Anne Taylor to talk about his career. Promoting his new Netflix thriller Obsession, the wide-ranging chat also took in Middle-Earth, growing up on Crossroads and writing books. Plus, how he’d like to develop a character over a long television series run.

Snowcast – Professor Hannah Fry

Jon Snow talks to Professor Hannah Fry, star of The Secret Genius of Modern Life about algorithms and how maths is found in every school subject. There’s also a discussion on AI and how she believes it won’t be replacing human creative endeavours just yet. That’s tempered with some concerns about the use of data and how we’re all potentially being targeted. It’s genuinely fascinating stuff!

Film Stories with Simon Brew

Film Stories Podcast logo

This month, Simon Brew looked at the fascinating Film Stories behind Batman Begins, The Guard, Collateral, Thunderbirds, Independence Day, Battleship, Terminator: Dark Fate, Cocaine Bear, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Antz.

Also in the Film Stories feed, there’s a conversation with the legendary filmmaker James L. Brooks his work, including the new movie Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. based on the book by Judy Bloom.

So, happy listening… and do let us know if you have any recommendations too.